During 3 -9  October the COTWU( T) representatives interview public and private transport  workers on the importance of being in an union. On 4 October interviews were conducted  with taxi drivers, bajaji and motor cycle drivers at Mkoa bus terminal. On 5 October – with ZACHARIA  HANSPOPE LTD drivers and 36 new members filled the form to be join COTWU (T). The same day meetings were held with bajaji drivers at Mawasiliano station. On 6 October union met Maria Msangi who is a bus conductor from Mbagara and she mentioned  some of the challenges she daily faces, such as harassment from other people who sees her as mad woman because they think the kind of a job she is doing is specifically for men, she doesn’t have job contract and feels unsecure and she accept to join COTWU(T) union. On 7 October the meeting took place with Ubungo women food vendors who are union members. On 9 October the meeting took place with taxi and motor cycle  drivers at Rombo station and it was agreed to have a general meeting about unions.