PISTON returned to the Philippines’ House of Representatives at the Batasan Hills, Quezon City on 5 October with posters that  read “Decongest Traffic; Nationalize and Fix the MRT-LRT (system)”..  As the Lower House Representatives tabled the proposed budget for the Department of Transportation (DOTr), the union accompanied representatives of Light Rail Transport workers (LRT 1) who have been dismissed because of “lost”  or “unaccounted ticket sales”. When making ticket sales, workers have to press the computer keyboard more than once to show the correct amount of tickets sold. Each computer stroke is recorded and so it is the total number of keystrokes that the management is using to tally the number of tickets sold. Technically, the LRT 1, who are assigned to receive payments and issue tickets, are contract workers whose contracts have not been renewed by the LRT management. The workers’ contracts have been renewed every six months, for the last ten to fifteen years – which is why they are called ‘permanent contractual’. The Kilusang Mayo Uno, of which is why they are called ‘permanent contractuals. ’ The Kilusang Mayo Uno, of which PISTON is also a member, are helping the LRT workers to file their case before the appropriate government agency. Since it is the DOTr which is managing the LRT 1 system, they are government workers.  Workers at another LRT line have approached PISTON and the union is trying to help their case.