On 8 October, MTCPWU leaders and staff met over 600 microbus drivers and conductors who run their businesses at Narantuul market and introduced the workers to union activities and appealed to them to form a union in order to protect their rights. The most urgent challenge for those workers at Narantuul market is the non-guarantee for their workplaces. According to transportation standards, public transportation entities or individuals should use buses or microbuses that are not older than 12 years after manufacture date. But most of the private drivers’ microbuses are second hand or used old vehicles imported from South Korea. Almost 1,200 drivers are not able to renew or change vehicles and so their workplace is not guaranteed. The private transport workers’ union which is an affiliate of MTCPWU has agreed to organize those workers and promised to fight back for their rights in order to solve many challenging problems.