On 7 October, the international day of decent work, FTTUB organized a meeting with the management representatives of Bulgarian state railway freight operator – BDZ cargo. The aim was to present the results of the two latest projects by the European social partners in the rail sector – ETF and CER, in which FTTUB was deeply involved: Promoting employment and quality of work in the European rail sector and  PSR rail – Identifying and preventing Psychosocial risks at work in the rail sector. Research on the Relation between PSR and Motivation for work was also presented. The union considers it is very important to introduce the top and middle management, but also employees working in HR and health and safety departments to these subjects and the results of the analysis. This would serve to overcome a number of problems related to the work environment and to improve the working conditions which are not satisfactory at the moment. Similar meetings are forthcoming with BDZ passengers and Holding BDZ.