Australia on 7 October over the Seoul government’s violent attacks and repressive laws against workers, and the jailing of union leaders. Protesters demanded South Korea respect the right of workers to protest, strike and called for the withdrawal of repressive laws which would allow workers to be sacked easily and paid less.

“Workers are being violently attacked for standing up against policies which will impoverish their families. One protester has been left dead. Union leaders have been attacked and jailed, their offices raided and their organisations deregistered. South Korean President Park and her ruling party must end this repression now,” said Tony Sheldon, Chair of the ITF Road Transport Workers’ Section and National Secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union, which organised the protest. The following attended: Amnesty International, Transport Workers’ Union (TWU), Health Services Union (HSU), Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU), United Voice, Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU), Finance Sector Union (FSU), Nurses Federation and PSI, Unions NSW, Inner West Unions (community group), Apheda – Union Aid Abroad (the union movement’s aid arm)

The protest was part of TWU’s activity for the ITF Action Week.

TWU press release

For photographs and video from the protest go to TWUAus Facebook page