In South Korea, railway and other public sector workers affiliated to the Korean Public Services and Transport Workers Union (KPTU) are on strike during the action week. They are protesting the illegal imposition of a discriminatory performance-related pay and termination system, renewed plans for privatisation and an attack on trade unions by the Korean government. They are holding daily strike rallies throughout the country and building solidarity with farmers calling on the government police to take responsibility for the death of farmer Baek Nam-gi who died after being hit directly by a police water cannon in a protest last year. On 5 October, owner truck drivers, members of the KPTU Cargo Truckers Solidarity Division held a press conference to declare plans for strike action against market deregulation and for safe rates, to begin on 10 October. The coming together of the rail and road transport workers’ strike is expected to be a powerful demonstration of workers’ strength against the government’s anti-worker policies. 

Video provided by KPTU