The National Confederation of Transport Workers’ Union (NCTU) mobilized 108 members and leaders to celebrate the 20th ITF Action Week by staging a picket/rally in front of the Regional Office of the Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) region 6 in Iloilo City and held a discussion with the Regional Director on the phase out of jeepneys that are 15 years old and above. NCTU reiterated its position against the phase out without just transition. The union indicates that just transition involves at least the following measures: 5-year moratorium on PUJ phase-out as preparatory period; an end to the importation of surplus or waste vehicles from other countries; state subsidies or assistance fund for modernization; special certificate of public convenience (CPC) for climate-friendly vehicles and engines; and pilot-testing of alternatives, such as electric public transport vehicles, LPG, Euro4 fuels and engines, etc. At the end of mobilization the ITF Charter for Informal Transport Workers was submitted to Regional Director Romulo Bernardez who promised to discuss it in their forthcoming national consultation with the national leadership of LTFRB. Media coverage of the action was good.