On 3 October PISTON started the ITF Action Week with a caravan-picket which was joined by almost 400 drivers and owner-operators in 36 vehicles. While holding a picket at the entrance to the Lower House of Congress in Batasan Hills in Quezon City, the union delivered a position paper to the Speaker of the House and the Chairman of the Committee on Transportation. The position paper criticised the inclusion of the jeepney phaseout scheme in the so-called Emergency Powers Bill, formally called the Traffic and Congestion Crisis Act. According to proposals, existing jeepneys will be replaced with expensive electric jeepneys, costing almost a million pesos each. The new vehicles will also not be managed by the owner-operators, but must be surrendered to a so-called Fleet Management Program, which in reality is a corporation that will control all the vehicles. That is why the union is calling it a ‘jeepney-capture’ project. The Emergency Bill also plans to give responsibility for traffic solving, regulation, infrastructure-building and implementation of projects to one person – the so-called Traffic Czar, the Secretary of the Department of Transportation. The union carried streamers and banners with messages about the planned jeepney phaseout and overpricing of oil. Three congressmen from the progressive bloc of Makabayan joined the protestors and pledged to block the inclusion of the jeepney phaseout in the proposed bill if they are unable to stop the bill altogether.