The ETF and its affiliated unions are urging the European Commission to take measures in support, and not against, the respect of the minimum wage in the EU. Tens of hundreds of professional drivers from low-wage countries work on permanent basis in Western Europe, on ‘country of origin’ levels of pay, which are up to ten times less than those of the Member States hosting their activity. This is in breach of Article 45 of the EU Treaty, of the Posting of workers directive and of the Rome I Regulation. These so called non-resident drivers are skilled certified professionals bearing a substantial share of responsibility for the safety of road users, of cargo and passengers. They come into the profession with the hope to provide a better life for themselves and for their families, to only soon realise they are victims of abuse, fraud and discrimination in terms of pay, access to social security and health benefits. In recent years, wage discrimination has been one of the major sources of growing discontent among non-resident professional drivers. Mid-2017, the European Commission will launch a revision of the EU legislation in road transport. The ETF and its member organisations see this as the last chance to solve problems of a sector eroded by social dumping, modern slavery working and living conditions and unfair competition.

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