Use the resources on this page to help you plan your ITF action week activities and for education and awareness-raising around the issues that matter to road and rail workers.

If you need an ITF action week banner you can request one to be sent to your union by emailing giving your name, union, union position, language and union address.

The guidelines include a set of handouts with more detailed information on specific themes relating to the campaign. The following are included:

  • Fatigue
  • Labour Rights for Informal Transport Workers!
  • Railway Workers’ Campaign
  • Strong Unions need Strong Women!
  • Young workers: Standing up for their rights!

Campaign Guidelines

Lignes directrices pour la champagne

Leitfaden für die Kampagne

Directrices de la Campaña

Riktlinjer för kampanjen

Peкoмендаций по проведению кампании